Friday, April 22, 2011

Title/Sign In Page Finished !

I finished my Title / Sign in page today. Here it is.

I'm going to start on my first entry today.


Location:SW Edmunds St,Seattle,United States


  1. Wow Joey! It looks great!
    My bigger moly can't come soon enough! I am itching to start especially after seeing your great beginning.

  2. That's great Joey! I love your lettering. That's something I wish I could do well, but am never very good at.

  3. Thanks ! :) I have been drawing lettering since I was like 13. If you want to try lettering just try to reproduce some basic fonts first . Then over time you will develop your own style.

  4. Oh WOW!!!
    Hadn't thought of a title page myself. So I added a quick one too. Thanks to you Joey! :-)