Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 books in one package

Okay Diana, I really sent them today. 2 Molys , Natalie's Music Moly and your Creature Moly. You should see them soon. I hate to have sent 2 Molys in one package but because I forgot to send the music moly I backed myself into a corner. Hope they have a safe trip.


Location:47th Ave SW,Seattle,United States


  1. :-(
    I hope they will show up soon.
    They seem to have difficulties finding their way ...

  2. Wow they haven't shown up yet? Well they seem to take a while everytime. Everytime I send them the post office always makes sure I fill everything out right , they say that German Customs is really strict. Hopefully they will show up in a week or so. :^|

  3. Any luck? Have you seen these yet?

  4. Yes, yes, yes. They arrived today.
    What a journey!!!! :-D

  5. Pfoooo... *wipes sweat of brow* I was starting to get a little concerned. This is great news ! :)