Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just checking in

Im just checking in with the group. It's been a few months and I haven't heard from anyone. Who has what books? Also if you don't plan on making an entry do you want to just pass it on to the next person in line? I'd like to get this group moving again. We have had awesome entry's and full steam in the past but it's been quiet for a bit.



  1. Hello there!
    No Moly on my desk.

    I also think its a good idea to just pass the book on if someone is too busy at the time. No worries and the book will definitely come round for a second chance :-)

  2. I've got two of the books, Diana's and Mine and I believe Suzanne has the other two. Suzanne is next in line for me, so I don't want to load her up with all the books, so I'll send them backwards to Diana.

    I'll try and get some entry in, but if I can't by the end of this week, I'll send them along anyway and pick them up later in the rotation.

  3. Sounds good. :) our books are awesome ! I can't wait to work on them some more!

  4. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. No excuses, I have been negligent about our Moly project. I am finishing up Joey's now, should be complete by Wednesday and I have mine to add to again. After that point I am lost as to whether I am sending books to Joey or if Natalie is getting them all back (which strikes me as just as hard as me ending up with all four).
    I am committed to continuing our group and I apologize for needlessly delaying.

  5. I'm thinking there are two ways we can rotate the books.

    1. We keep the books going in the current rotation, with the rule that if we can't get to them in a timely fashion, we send them on to the next person, without our entry.


    2. I send one book forward to Suzanne and one book back to Diana. And Suzanne sends one of her books back to me and one forward to Joey. That way everyone has one. I'm not sure where the books go from there, but we could figure that out when the time comes.


  6. I say send mine on to me . Then maybe switch with Natalie when she finishes hers. That way we all have books . What do you guys think ?

  7. I am fine with trying to spread the books out again so we each have one again and get everything moving. Is it going to get crazy confusing if some books move forward and some back?
    Maybe Natalie's option #1 is the better way to go about moving forward without confusion.
    Honestly, I am fine either way. I just need to know who to mail what when I finish.

  8. I agree. Natalie and Suzanne should send one forward in rotation and one backward in rotation then after we all have one we can reverse the rotation. So I would send to Suzanne , Suzanne to Natalie, Natalie to Diana , Diana to me. I think that would work great.