Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just received Suzanne's Moly

It looks great Suzanne! That 90lb paper glued in well. It looks like your book got a little wet in transit though. The back cover is a little warped and there is some water rings towards the end pages but nothing major. I'll get right on this. So the theme is "After Dark" right? I attached a photo to show the watermark.



  1. Sorry, Joey.
    I should have included a note about my book having water damage. My cats dumped my brush water on my studio table and the Moly was in the pool for an extended period (overnight) before I rescued it. I debated starting over in a new moly but I had already finished my sign in page, so I opted to continue on this one - lumpy back cover, water spot, and all.
    I am glad it made it to you and I am looking forward to seeing what you include in "After Dark".

  2. Ohh ok. I just wanted to let you know. I don't think it will effect the finished book in the end. Most definitely adds character ;)