Friday, July 8, 2011

My Book: After Dark

The sign-in page of my Moly for the exchange. Done with Sharpie pen and watercolor right on the Moleskine paper (which I think is yucky).
My theme is After Dark, which allowed me to start with owls and I felt it was open enough to allow for lots of different interpretations.
Here is my first page completed and en route to Joey (sorry about the delay!). I used a sheet of 90 pound Arches hot press to create my work which was then glued into the actual book. This allowed me to work in my favorite medium - watercolor - without going completely crazy because of dealing with the paper.

Another view with the book standing so you catch a glimpse of the sign-in page and the entire first page in the book. The glue in addition of extra paper does not seem to be a problem, although it does leave a stark edge rather than a graceful bleed out to the next design.


  1. Nice work. Do you still need me to email you my new address?

  2. Nope, I found the email you sent out when you first moved, so I got it.

  3. That looks beautiful Suzanne. Nice job.

  4. Oh wow! I like the atmosphere and the shadows of the birches. I'm curious to see what will happen here :-)